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Getting to Know You - December 22 - Christmas Style


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Yes, but only once. First, I can't carry a note in a bucket, I mean I am really, really bad. Second, the group only sang Rudolph and We Wish You......

I like the old traditional carols, can only take so much of Santa Got Run Over By ......

I am singing Holy Night right now and I am so glad you can not hear me.

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This was how we made money as kids, I don't know if English kids still do it.

We went door to door in the neighborhood, rang the bell and asked if they'd like to hear a carol, if yes we sang and they paid up - not much but if you did it for a few hours serious (to an adolescent) money could be made.

There isn't enough money in the world to make me do this now as like Ginny I can't sing to save my life.


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Oh yes. When I was younger we had neighbors that had a big Christmas party every year and we ended the night by going caroling. This is one of my favorite childhood memories. In fact, the neighbors were good friends of my parents and when I got married I had my wedding pictures taken in their beautiful garden.

Thanks for the memory.

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When I still worked in the nursing home I'd put on my Santa hat and stop by each resident's room and ask if they'd like to hear a carol...and then sang it for them if they had a favorite! I am sometimes glad that the hearing wasn't the best in the world with some of the carols that they had me sing! :oops: But I always enjoyed it and still love those songs

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