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Expiration Date


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We believe in being gently honest with our kids about Mom's health, so I was updating them this last week. I told them that Grandma got some bad news (progression), but that the Drs had a tx plan, and we were moving forward. I reminded them that Grandma is a tough ol' bird, and that they originally gave her 12-18 months to live, and that she is doing well at 22 months.

My daughter asked, "Have they given Grandma a new expiration date yet?"

I kept a straight face and told her that they have given up on that--she just keeps proving them wrong and it makes them look silly. Mom thought the comment was hilarious.

Look what this stuff has done to our sense of humor! :roll:

:) Kelly

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I look around the house and I have all kinds of things with an expiration date that has passed and they are still good and some very potent. I’ll be going pass my expiration date next month and I am in better shape than I was before I was diagnosed.

Merry Christmas,

Stay positive, :D


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This is well before your time. But I know many here will remember. There was a show call "Kids say the darnest things" the MC was Art Linkletter. Your son would have been a great contestant on that show. :D

I ditto others, thanks for the laugh.

Maryane :wink:

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