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So Bittersweet, So far Behind. in Supporting YOU


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Hi Old and New Friends,

I can't believe it has been a year since I lost my mom and gave birth to my beautiful baby. I went back and read some posts from this time last year when I was simply emotionally spent. I needed everyone of your prayers and well wishes. Thank You.

I looked at the names of those who sent me such encouraging thoughts and wonderful advice, and too, too many of these wonderful people have left this earth. It make me feel sick and blessed at the same time.

I pray for all of you that you have days, hours, minutes when you are not consumed by this horrible disease. I pray that you are see the joy in the world despite the terrible sadness. I have had the "benefit" of being away from it for a while...and now I feel that I can support any of you who need an extra prayer...I needed some time away.

I miss my mom every single day and cry at least once a day for her. She was and continues to be my hero. And this ONE YEAR OLD (I can't believe it) little grl looks just like her and embodies her love for life.

I am back. All my love and prayers for some peace.


p.S. Of course, I have to post some baby pictures. forgive me.

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Welcome back Holly!!! So glad you posted to let us know you are doing well.

Carolyn is georgeous, you must post more pics. She is a breath of fresh air, like her mom. :D

I know your holiday was bittersweet but you mom was there smiling down on her family.

Glad you are back as you were missed.

Maryanne :wink:

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