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Severe Rash - Not on Tarceva


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I was wondering if anyone got a rash while doing the taxol/carboplatin/avastin chemo? I broke out this morning from neck to toe with red itchy bumps. It is pretty severe. I called in and spoke to my doc on-call who didn't seem to have any idea what it could be. He recommended Benadryl and Hydrocortisone cream, which helps a bit, but not a lot because the rash is so extensive. Any ideas?

Merry Christmas,


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My husband is receiving Cisplatin/Gemzar, and recently developed a severe rash over his entire torso and scalp. In researching chemotherapy related rashes, I saw in the literature that nearly all of the drugs used in first-line LC chemo, including Cisplatin, Gemzar, Carboplatin, and Taxol can be associated with rashes.

FYI, his rash cleared spontaneously after about a week.

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I get sensitive, irritated skin with carbo/taxol/avastin, but the only place it progresses to an itchy rash is on the sides and soles of the feet. This starts about the 6th day after each infusion and goes away by itself after a few days. My onc says it's not classic hand-foot syndrome, but there are some similarities, so during my most recent cycle (number 4) I tried a remedy for hand-foot syndrome I found on a Canadian website:

http://www.cancercare.on.ca/pdfmedicati ... ndrome.pdf

The part that intrigued me was the suggestion to soak the feet (hands too, if affected) in cold water several times a day the first week following infusion, BEFORE the symptoms actually begin. Then if the rash comes on anyway, do more of the same. This really helped -- the rash was minor compared to previous cycles and lasted only 2 or 3 days.

Applying this technique to a whole-body rash wouldn't be very practical this time of year (even in Hawaii!!) but you might try cold towels or a wrapped ice bag on the most bothersome areas.

I hope you can get this under control quickly. The foot rash has been my most bothersome side effect so far, since each cycle it has started about the time I was beginning to feel better otherwise, and hampered the walking I was wanting to do. A whole-body rash? Ouch!!



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