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My Small Triumphs


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Just wanted to write an update on what's going on with me lately-

I am still 'filling in' in Ohio but flew back home on Saturday for Christmas after being away from my son for 28 days!! I'm flying back to Ohio tomorrow, but am bringing my son back with me for 9 days since he is home from school. Then I'm flying back home with him, leaving a few days later for a business conference in NY (I haven't hit NY soil in 7 years!), and then flying back out to Ohio. My original 7 days that I was crying about has turned into 60 days as of this week. I've decided that I am going to give my company a cut off date of January 30th to let me know if this will be permanent, I can no longer live out of a hotel room and not be with my son.

The good things that have happened:

1. I have gone from a fraidy flyer to a frequent flyer.

2. I have proved to all that I can run a place successfully, I and those close to me already knew, but now complete strangers know (that would be Corporate :wink: ).

3. I can work 72 hour work weeks in peak season, running non-stop with only a lung and a huge lobe. :lol:

4. I have become accustomed to housekeeping making my bed and cleaning up after me. :shock:

5. I enjoy eating out by myself.

6. I have met some really great people!

7. I have set foot in Macy's again, after way too long an absence!!! My small town here feels way too small these days..

8. I have had a job offer in Ohio that is as lucrative as the one I trying for now if not more so. Even if my company does not extend an offer, I am okay, and this will not have been for nothing.

The important thing out of all of this silly stuff is that I am STILL alive- next month it will be 4 YEARS since they found that shadow on my xray.

There is a voice in me that starts whispering that the other shoe is going to fall- all these good things are happening- its a set-up. Its the same voice that is now tellign me that the cancer is in my bones, I have had burning pain in my back the past couple days - never mind that the chiropracter had told me I have 2 degenerative discs in the SAME places where it is burning and I have been lugging boxes to ship home and toting luggage all over Ohio. The only difference from 3 or 2 or even 1 year ago is that now I have learned how to not listen to the voice all the time.

I just wanted to post an update, and apologize for not being around much. Hopefully January will be calmer, and I'll be able to post more. I've been scanning the board when I get back to the hotel, but usually its around 9 pm and I'm too tired to do much else. My thoughts are always here with you all, I never forget any of you. Nor do I ever forget that every day that I breathe is a victory in the war against lung cancer and the scars it leaves.

Warm wishes to all..

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It is great that things are going so well with you. Can't imagine 60 days without seeing your son on a daily basis but that will soon end now that you have proven yourself to be so indispensable. I am proud of you. Glad you were able to spend Christmas at home. I used to travel alot with my job (not fly but drive long hours) and I hated hotels after the first year or two...but room service and maid service is something I could really get use to. Merry Christmas.


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Hi Debi,

It's great to hear from you. When I was checking the board this morning, I was planning to send you a PM, but I know how busy you've been, plus it's Christmastime, so I figured you were otherwise occupied.

I am SO VERY glad to hear that all these positive things are happening for you career wise, and health wise.

Of course those of us who know you aren't surprised at the good things happening with the work, and I'm thrilled that you're coming up on a four year anniversary of your diagnosis.

You're the best, keep in touch, and keep after them in the corporate world!


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Enjoy the time with your child

and enjoy all the changes in your

life, they are all for the best.

Forget the worry with the back pain,

you are working enough to get it.

Just have it checked when you get

some time....soon.

Should know, I have advance degenerative


Merry Christmas and

a Wonderful 2007 year.



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I am so glad you posted-- I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how it was all going. So it sounds like no matter what you're moving to Ohio for one job or the other. The invitation here is always open-- I am so glad things are going well.

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Good to hear from you Debi. I can't imagine being without my daughter for 28 days! It must be so hard. I'm glad you are getting the chance to have him with you while school is out. Good Luck and I hope this will all be over at the end of the month.

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After reading your update, I'm tired! WOW, what an awesome UPDATE! Way to go Girlfriend!! Show 'em what you got and then give hell! :wink: I LIKE IT!

Gotta tell you though, I don't know how you do it. WOW, that's a LOT for one person to deal with and go through. Only proves you really are a TOUGH COOKIE and ONE CLASS ACT! :wink::wink::wink:

Don't be worring about any shoes dropping, it's onward and upward from here!! You go getem!

I agree with Katie, that you might want to take a minute or 60 just for Debi! ((((((DEBI))))))) I know it's got to be hard for you being away from your son. :(

Congratulations on doing a JOB WELL DONE!

We'll be here to celebrate your 4 year milestone next month. Have a minute or two of fun while you in NY.

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Debi, I loved reading your update! Hope you get lots of hugs and fun times with your son, and hope you get to be with him permanently again soon.

You've showed 'em all what you can do at work. (WE aren't surprised you knocked their socks off!) Now it's up to the job to show what they can do for YOU in return! You'll be in demand, no matter what, cuz you're one awesome dame!

Go, Debi! Here's to a Happy New Year,


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