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Daddy is Declining

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Daddy hasnt gotten any better since the stroke Sunday, he is a little more aware of his surroundings most of the time, but still very confused at times too.

He isnt eating or drinkng but maybe 8z of fluid a day. He also isnt taking any of his meds. He has severe seizures if he dosnt take his dilantin, sometimes if he only misses one dose he will have one. He hasnt had one yet though.

We are due to fly out of Japan Wednesday night and wil be back at Daddys house Thursday night if all goes well.

I hope he can hang on until I get there, only a few more days.

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Daddy passed away Dec 27th when I was on my way to the airport. We landed in the US at 3 pm on the 28th, when I called they told me the news. I had called on my way out the door to tell them I was on my way, but I hadnt even made it to the airport when he took his final breath. We had a very rough flight into Tokyo, so I guess he was looking over me then.

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