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My Christmas present...


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14 1/2 months ago I was dx with limited SCLC (biopsy taken from broncoscopy). I went through chemo, radiation, and PCI. October of this year, I was coughing up a little blood, so in I go for another biopsy.

I was trying to avoid the results, but ran into my doctor while visiting someone in ICU at the local hospital. He told me the news...it came back SCLC...says it looks just like it did a year ago, how can that be after all the chemo and rad. After all the scans, it's still limited. He then sends me up to Portland to see this doctor that is suppose to be the very best in the Northwest. My husband and I were very impressed. He asked that I go in for another biopsy so that he could have his specialist look at it, she only deals with chest cancer. I go in for the biopsy (I think he tried to remove my lung, it was terrible).

I got a call on Thursday from the Portland doctor...."Mrs. Forte', Merry Christmas, you do not have SCLC, you have a carcinoid tumor ~ you were misdiagnosed last year!" You can imagine how that phone call changed my life! I have to have it removed (my right upper lobe and part of my windpipe)which he said is going to be very difficult because it's in my large bronchi and I have had so much radiation there...causing a lot of scar tissue. The survival rate for this type of cancer is remarkable!

Without a doubt, I have been blessed.

I almost feel guilty posting this, but I'm trying to make the point that doctors and labs are sometimes wrong. I can't complain because the news is so good, but all of my treatment was for nothing ~ a carcinoid tumor doesn't respond to rad or chemo! I should have had this removed in Nov of last year. I could have saved thousands and thousands from co-pays and deductables, and my body did not have to endure the nasty treatment...I keep thinking they fried my brain for nothing! We won't even mention the middle of the night panic attacks..you know what I'm talking about..my oh my, what goes through our heads!

I will no longer accept a dx from any one lab in the future, I will demand two labs be involved...I allowed the medical community to have way too much control!

I continue to pray for each and every one of you and your family!

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Nancy, So happy for your good news. You must be trilled, but I feel bad for all you went through all that torture and how scared you were.... But hey, you are LC free and that is incredible and a big congrats...to you. Now you can relax and get on with your life.

This is certainly a Happy New Year for you!!!

Maryanne :wink:

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O H M Y G O D!!! :shock: ((NANCY))

I'm very glad to hear it's not SCLC and that you don't HAVE SCLC.

I hope all turns out well for you. I hope this tumor can be removed with very few problems.

WOW, I'm in shock I can't imagine what you must feel like! ((((((NANCY))))))))

Keep us posted and know we're here for you.

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