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Chest Pain


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Hi Everyone-

My mom has just had her second Session of Chemo. I have a question though. After her first round she has been experiencing chest pains. She describes the pain as being very quick lighting bolt pains. They only last for a couple seconds at a time, but she gets them several times a day. The oncologist says not to worry about it. Any suggestions on what this could be. My mom does not have any tumors, so I couldn't be from the cancer. Can chemo do this?



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At various time, especially before dx, I experienced lightening bolts of pain. In the beginning it seemed to be coming from my lower back, radiating down my leg. That's what originally got me to the doctors.

More recently, I had same kind of pain that struck my head and hip at the same time. Very painful, but over in seconds. We never really figured out what this was from.

Lots of strange things happen when you're on chemo and have LC. My doctor has a two week rule. If, after 2 weeks its still happening, we must figure out why and what. Of course, depending on severity, etc.

lots of luck.


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You may want to consult with her primary doctor. Chest pains could be a lot of things. Sometimes it is hard for me to understand that I still can have other problems besides cancer. As I understand your mom had a cancer removed from her arm pit that they believed came from a tumor in her lungs. The tumor in her lungs was removed and it was only scar tissue. Now they are not sure where the tumor in her arm pit came from, but they are treating her with chemo as though it came from the scar tissue tumor. Is that correct?

Stay positive, :)


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