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So you think Boy or Girl :) My preasent


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Well I have not posted much latly, mostly due to the fact I have been so sick. Well after all the tests and imaging they finally found out what was wrong.

I am going to be blessed with God's greatest gift of all. If you haven't guessed already I'm pregnant :shock:

My Dr's office called me Friday night (my Dr. was out of town) and the Dr. on call told me I was pregnant. I asked her 3 times if she was sure, because after I had my daughter I was told I would not be able to have any more kids. Well they told me that before I got pregnant the first time too.

Anyway I thought I would share after years of trying and then giving up, getting through cancer and getting my health back I have gotten the greatest gift.


P.S. My 12 year old daughter is thrilled. I guess what she dosn't know won't hurt her. Can you say live in baby sitter LOL :wink:

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Thank you everyone :) Well I went in to the Dr. and I am 8 weeks and I saw the heartbeat, boy if it dose not become real at that point :wink:

We had set on out trip to So. CA yesterday, but my Rodeo started to overheat :? So we came back. Good thing though, I woke up this morning miserable with a cold and I can't take anything LOL.. Anyway we see a genetic counceler today about all the proceedures, medication and tests I have been on and had over the past months.

This is all very overwhelming and then I get to go back to work next week after shutdown and tell my boss (OH what joy that will be NOT...).

I am sure this won't be without complications. At least I know what to expect this time around (even if it has been 12 years LOL)


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