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Prayers For Pewjumper and Mom tomorrow?


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Want to send extra special prayers out fot PewJumper and Mom who starts Chemo tomorrow and is very stressed about this new normal. PJ if you should see this I hope you know we are saying prayers for a smooth day with mom tomorrow.

Hugs and strength and prayers for both of you!!!! :wink::)

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Randy, thanks for thinking about us. You're really awesome.

And thank you to all of you for your prayers. Mom was in an different mood tonight, poking fun at all of us and laughing over everything. I know she was acting out of nervousness, but I'd much rather see her laughing than crying. It was such a relief.

We're due at the doc's office at 10:30. He has not gone over ANYTHING with her, so she is just going in blindly. Then he's going to give her the facts and hook her up on the spot - no time for worrying.

I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes. Thank you all so very much.

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Hey everybody, things went quite well today, actually. He started her on carbo/taxotere. I'm not sure why not cisplastin. Dr. West seems to think there's a slight advantage with it, even though the side effects are worse.

All in all, she's in great spirits, prepared for the side effects, and ready to beat this thing. Her attitude has gotten much better the last couple of days. Her aunt called and told her to "quit annoying people with all this nonsense about dying. People don't want to hear you boo-hoo about dying when we know it's not your time to go." LOL

Then her sister in law (who has advanced stage colon cancer) called her a little while later and said "Quit feeling sorry for yourself. Get up and live!"

I think that helped a lot.

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I'm in an emotional state tonite. So glad to hear the good news about first roundthank you for taking the time to post this. Hugs for You and mom and glad to hear she is ok tonite. Prayers and thoughts.

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