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Almost Gone


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I don't post this to say "lucky me," but post it simply to offer encouragement to anyone with lung cancer, specifically SCLC. Had a PET/CT scan last week and got a call from the doctor yesterday. Quote: "Tremendous results and the cancer has almost gone." And that's after just 3 cycles. When this started we opted for an aggressive chemotherapy schedule (6 cycles, 3 rounds per cycle).

Optimism is cautious, but a giant leap in the right direction :)

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Put your hands together and Give it up!!!! That is great news to hear out of the gate! Keep it up and Hang in there. Prayers and thoughts for continued success!!

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Glad to hear it Bill. How are you holding up to the chemo? I took the same treatment but only had three cycles. I had NSCLC so not quite the same I guess. I was tired and a little nauseated but otherwise did fine. My favorite thing to eat was chocolate milk shakes so each anything that will keep your weight up.


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