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Oops...she did it again!


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Mom took a nose-dive on Christmas Day (fever of 101*, extreme fatigue, SOB, nausea, dehydration), and was admitted the day after. She wouldn't call the Dr. on Christmas Day, and I was worried sick about her. I did get her to stay over Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day, but she insisted on going home around 5:00.

I do think that the depression she would have suffered at being admitted on Christmas Day would have been terrible. She called first thing the day after, we got her in, and they admitted her right away.

Hopefully this will be a quick 'tune-up' to re-hydrate her and get her counts in line, but the Dr said not to be upset if she is in over a week. I'm just glad she is being monitored. I hate that she is alone at night at her house, but she likes her independence. If I weren't such a stubborn ol' gal myself it would make me even crazier. Apples falling far from the tree, and all that.

Please pray for her. You guys are great at that.

:) Kelly

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