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Help- mom not doing well!!


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Hi everyone,

My mom is in a lot more pain in upper back, right shoulder, arm and neck. She can't stand up straight without pain so consequently, she hunches over when she walks or stands. She sits or is laying on her back most of the time. She has her eyes closed a lot and said that moving around is getting harder. She is on taking a lot of pain meds.

I don't think the Alimta is working at all.

She wasn't doing well Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or yesterday. Supposedly, she is doing better today.

She and my dad are still at my sister's house out of state until about Jan. 5 and I am now back in Pittsburgh.

Should I call her onc.??? I am really worried!! She is getting scanned Jan. 8 and has appt. on Jan. 11.

Thanks to all of you!

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I would definitely call her doctor and let the doctor know about the pain that your mother is having. The doctor can give her something for the pain and be prepared to look for what is causing the pain when she goes in for her appointment.

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Call and reschedule for ASAP!! You need to find out facts immediately. there must be a cause for the pain being so bad. ADVOCATE TO THE MAXIMUM! Youa re doing great right now.

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