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What's wrong with the gravy!!??


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I just had to tell this little story about my day after Christmas.

I talked to my brother on Christmas and told him to bring his family to Dad's house and I would fix a big pan of sausage gravy and some biscuits just like Mom used to. So, they came over and I had just started to cook the sausage when I went to looking for the flour. Couldn't find it! So, I asked my niece Kristen who is 15yr. old, to help me find it since she is at Dad's all the time. We looked above the stove and found it.(So we thought!) I stirred the flour in and got it browning, and then poured the milk in, and stirred, and stirred, and stirred, but it never got thick. I figured I didn't use enough flour, so I used corn starch to get it thick. Boy, did I not use enough flour!!! My sister in law put some gravy on a biscuit and took a bite and said,"Kim, this tastes sweet!" Apon further investigation, the flour I used wasn't flour after all, but powdered sugar!!! :lol::lol::lol:

I had used powdered sugar instead of flour! It was in a big plastic container for crying out loud, and I just thought "FLOUR!" Need less to say the dogs got the gravy and we all had ham and eggs for breakfast!

I could just hear Mom laughing her head off from Heaven. I later found the flour in the same container my mom always had it in, but in a different location.(My dad and stepmom both had went to work and weren't home at the time.)

Now, everyone will say, "Remember the Christmas Kim may sugar gravy!" :D

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