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change of plans again

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well mom got to come home but only for the day for x-mas. It was determined that she is too weak to make it up and down the 2 flights of stairs to her apartment and with the 3 days of chemo we all thought that it would be easier for her to go from the rehab center. She had her last day of chemo today and there have been no side effects yet. (do they come during or after chemo?) She also needs 10 days of Neupogen shots and her ins. will cover only a small part of that if she is home and we inject it ourselves but they will pay in full if she stays in rehab(makes no sense to me). We are having a family meeting on sunday to come up with a game plan. She has just been so weak and barely able to sit up in a chair even that we are wondering if she has already givin up the fight. She hardly eats or drinks a thing and she wont do what the rehab people tell her she needs to do to get stronger so we are at a loss as to what to do now. How can you fight this battle if the person with the disease wont fight? Sometimes I am so mad at her because it makes my dad cry and so sad to see her like this and its like she doesnt care about him and thats not fair but then i think that she has the right to be as miserable as she wants since she is the sick one. aaahhh such is the crappy thing about cancer you never know which way is up. But x mas was a good day for us all even if mom didnt participate much she was there with us.

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Don't give up on your dear Mom. She is inside of there somewhere, but just too darn tired to show the fight. As she recovers from the chemo and gets her counts back up, she'll become her old self in time. It took my husband about 1 1/2 - 2 mos. to become my husband again! They are just like limp rags for a long time after several cycles of chemo.

Hang in there.


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