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Oh My God This is So Important


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I cant believe what I just saw on my local news station. I caught the tale end of it. They were doing some new technique using lazer for lc. Before the patient had this done he was very short of breath and on oxygen, after the procedure he felt great and no oxygen. If you get this posting soon they are on line right now the doctors are answering questions. The address is www.HenryFord.com I am going to post this right now and hope someone gets it. I will continue with other info on a different post. Try and log on if you can

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I couldn't get on to ask questions but I copied this for anyone who is interested :D

Minds of Medicine: Surviving Lung Cancer Airs Saturday on TV7

Smoking, which causes an estimated 90 percent of lung cancers, kills more people each year than cocaine, heroin, alcohol, suicide, homicide, motor vehicle accidents and AIDS combined. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women.

Minds of Medicine: Surviving Lung Cancer will air at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 27, on WXYZ-TV7. It is the latest in a series of locally produced medical shows in cooperation with Channel 7 and Henry Ford Health System.

Hosted by WJR morning drive personality Paul W. Smith, Minds of Medicine provides an inside look at the doctors and nurses at Henry Ford, one of the nation’s top-rated hospitals, as they make critical decisions that extend and even save lives.

The upcoming show highlights one of the largest lung cancer treatment programs in the Midwest.

“There’s a lot we can do for lung cancer to make the situation better. Combined modalities are often better than individual treatments,” said Josephine Ford Cancer Center interim director Robert Chapman, M.D.

Robert Yaos of Monroe has a cancerous tumor, which covers all but 10 percent of his lower windpipe choking off his breath and limiting his mobility. He receives a special laser surgery that kills the cancer without damaging his windpipe. Just 24 hours after surgery, Yaos is up and walking as he embraces his new lease on life. Still, there is more treatment to come to combat any of Yaos’ remaining cancer.

Beating lung cancer is a life-long battle and smokers who don’t quit smoking increase their likelihood of recurrence. But treatment advances ranging from drugs to surgery are prolonging survival and improving quality of life for victims of lung cancer.

Henry Ford Hospital is one of 30 health institutions participating in a national study to determine whether a chest X-ray or spiral computed tomography (CT) is a more effective screening tool for reducing lung cancer death rates. Program viewers can enroll by calling 1-888-883-8483.

On the evening of the broadcast, viewers can chat online with physicians featured in the show from 7:40 p.m. – 8:40 p.m. at HenryFord.com.

Posted 09/24/03

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I got on to chat, and on this one I couldn't get on in Explorer, but did on AOL :? ,

anyhow, it is a great chat, and I think people should check it out. I am going to tell Mom too, and while the doctors can only answer in the general terms, I think it is a good thing to have.

Thanks Cathy for sending, it

PS he said there is a chat after Minds of Medicine, every week, where does this show air? (i'm in CA)


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I imagine the show airs in detroit. I am not even sure what show it was. My mom called and told me to turn it on because they were talking about lc. The hospital (henry ford) is in detroit. When I saw what they were doing with this man, I ran to the computer in case anyone was on line at that time, they could have the opportunity to chat with the doctors. It really was amazing. His airways were completely blocked with tumors and he was on oxygen. Even with the oxygen his breathing was very labored,(like my dad) after the procedure he said he felt like a new man, he also was off the oxygen. I didnt really see the ending either because I wanted to get the info out, I think they were only chatting for an hour after the show.

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