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New Member Wanted to Say HI


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Hi may name is Heather, married with 2 daughters names are Caylee(4yrs) and Olivia(2yrs). I was DX with NSCLC 3b on Oct. 13. I have completed my first 8 weeks of chemo with Taxol/Carbo once a week and 30 radiation treatments. I took Chemo well, I was tired some but okay. Radiation was hard after about the 4th week into it. Could hardly swallow my own spit. Did not eat for almost a week then ate chicken noodle soup twice a day and 2 boost for 3 weeks. Not fun but getting better now. YEAH!!!!! Well that is were I am at now.

I am so happy I found this board. It is great and you guys are great. I have been reading for about 2 weeks now. Thanks for this sight it HELPS!!!!


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Welcome Heather. I am sorry you found the need to look for this site but so glad that you found us. We are here to help each other and listen to each other. When you have questions there is at least one person here who has been through the same or almost the same thing and can answer you.

It sounds like you held up really well to chemo so that shows you are strong and otherwise healthy. I wish you the best.


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Hi, Heather, and welcome to the group. The fact that you've tolerated chemo well is a very good sign. And from your writing I can tell you're a fighter, another big plus on your side. Radiation is something I haven't had to do as yet, but I know it can be rough, especially in combination with chemo.

Keep us updated on your progress. Best wishes and Aloha,


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Hi Heather, and welcome. I was also staged 3B at diagnosis in August '05 and am doing great today. My esophagus also took a beating during radiation but now I can eat anything -- even crusty bread, without having to dunk it first! Hang in there through the next rounds of treatment. I'll be praying for you.


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Warm Welcomes Heather,

You have babies at home, that must be especially tough when going through your treatment regieme.

You will find a wealth info and experience in these message boards.

Please keep us updated as to how you are doing and feel free to ask questions.


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Hi Heather,

Welcome to the group no one wants to belong too. :roll: This is a wonderful support group and you'll find great comfort and information here.

I'm glad your able to eat and swallow better. Been there, done that, but mine wasn't as bad as your sounds. I was one lucky person during my treatments.

I'm glad to hear your weren't tooooo bad, or aren't tooo bad! Try and stay positive, that's half the battle.

We'll walk the walk with you, and we'll do our best to make this walk a little softer for you.

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