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Baggy Clothes?


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Alright...here's one I've not seen on here yet (though I'm sure at some point it's probably been discussed).

Mom lost A LOT of weight since we began this battle. Something to the tune of about 60 lbs or so. Her clothes hang on her. I've told her a few times she should at least get some new pants so that they don't fall off of her when she's up walking around...but she won't. She absolutely refuses to go get some clothes that fit!!!

I personally don't care if she's looking a little rough around the edges, she's earned the right. But Mom's always been one to have "nice" clothes and look good when she's out and about and I think it might feel good to have something that fits correctly. If I were able to do it financially, myself, I'd go buy her an outfit or two. Then again, I don't wanna tick her off by doing something she doesn't want done.

Any ideas?

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Ask her if she wants to go shopping with you and see if you can get her interested in something. Tell her how great she looks with the weight off and see if you can get her interested in some new clothes. There are so many after Christmas sales right now shouldn't cost her much (or you if you buy her something). No woman can resist a good sale.


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Shopping for new clothes was terrifying for me when my weight loss was at its worst. I had to confront the image in the mirror that I was carefully avoiding. It also made me wonder if the weight loss would ever stop and what would happen if it didn't. It was much easier to just wear the baggy clothes with the hope that I would soon grow back into them.

My sister bought me some casual clothes in a smaller size and just hung them in my closet without telling me about it. I was grateful to see them and am still wearing some of them (others are too small now!).

My advice, take a collection from the relatives and just go and pick up a few pieces for your mom. Good luck.


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