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Not sure what is going on.....Stage IV NSCLC w/Mets -


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Yesterday my mom had her 1st round of alimta. Wow, she is one tough cookie! What i find concerning is that she is just so tired & fatigued! She hardly talks, stares off into space all the time and doesnt seem to have the energy to do anything at all. in the past week she has gained 7 lbs. Went from 107 to 114. this cannot be anything but fluid. the PA checked her out yesterday and said that the fluid must be distributed evenly for the most part because other than some lower leg edema she has no obvious swelling.

She told me 2 days ago that she is 'tired of being tired' with the look that she gives me, which i know means she is close to making a decision. i dont want her to give up. I believe attitude is so important. dont know why she hardly speaks but i do know that she has fought a very tough battle with not one word of complaint. she is truly amazing.

reading my post i realize it is vague and doesnt really say anything, i guess i am having either a real or imagined premonition? or because its very early in the morning and that is the easiest time to worry.....

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Hi Heather,

Sorry your mom is going through all this. I know how frightening and frustrating it is for the two of you.

Just wanted to let you know that the steroid given with chemo can cause weight gain -- it happened to me at the beginning of treatment (changed to weight loss once radiation started).

As for the fatigue, unfortunately, its not unusual. She should see her enery rise as she gets further along in the cycle.

You're both in my prayers.


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The fatigue is due to the Alimta. If you go through here and read you will see many posts about how tired people get with Alimta. Tell her that others have had a hard time with it and she just needs to get through (4 more ?)it and hopefully it will be working--because while it is a hard chemo for many it can be the magic bullet that shrinks those tumors back even more and buys her more time. Good luck to her.


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I can toally understand your feeling depressed, confused, etc. I was diagnosed a Stage IV with mets 20 months ago. I have great docs also in NYC. What's so important is letting your mom know that this is not a death sentence.

My plan is to stay around long enough until they find the next new drug to keep me going until something better comes along. My quality of life is excellent. My docs are very concerned with that.

You should listen to Don and ask about antidepressants.

Wishing you and mom the very best.


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I hope your mom finds a way to deal with the alimta. It has helped a lot of people. I had 4 rounds of alimta and took a lot of naps. I also did light exercise before my naps which I think helps offset the fatigue. I would walk in the morning and nap in the afternoon.

Be sure that your mom takes her folic acid. My oncologist also had me take dexamethasone tabs on the 3rd and 4th days as I recall. They should be giving her vitamin B12 shots, one just before the infusion and one about 6 weeks later.

Don M

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So sorry your Mom is going through this fatigue. My husband hasn't done Alimta, but has done enough other drugs to get whammied with the fatigue. He slips into a "zone" that we laughingly call chemo-land.

There are times where, in the past, he has been so zapped with fatigue that he just lays in his easy chair and stares and naps. It is really frightening to see someone in this state, but they do snap back to reality in time after they finish chemo.

I know how scary this is for you, but don't assume your Mom is giving up the fight. Do talk to the oncologist about anti-depressants. They may be just the ticket for you Mom.

Hoping for better days for all of us!


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