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Mom had scans...


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Where to start... Her three month scans (Dec 14) seemed to be ok... Then she ended up in the ER on Christmas Eve with nausea and vomitting, and pain in the lower abdominal area...(this has been coming and going for a few weeks..) They gave her a CT scan and said she has infalmmation of the colon. Ok, so they give her like 7 scripts, inc. two antibiotics.

They say the scan also shows a mass on the adrenal (which has always looked enlarged, suspicious..) and ALSO she has fluid around her heart.

So, she has doc appts yesterday, of course they're concerned about the fluid around her heart. Her pcp gave her a tb test, just in case...She has a sonogram of the heart scheduled for next Wed, and colonoscopy sometime in the near future as well to see what's going on there...

On top of all this, my uncle's lc is back and he starts chemo soon.

My grandma is in the hospital, nearing the end. They found a mass on her brain, and she's had small strokes... She won't eat or drink much. She's hooked up to about 5 iv bags, fat and vitamins and such. I hope she can go home soon with hospice.

Well, how do you like that for an update??! :?



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It just doesn't seem to end does it Christy? I pray for your mom to get better soon. I am so sorry to hear that newsa about her.

As for your grandmom I hope she can hang on to get home and be with hospice and her family. Your Uncle, such a shame.

Is your uncle and grandmom on your mother's side?

Hang in there and know that we are here to help your through this. Use our strong shoulders to lean on.


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Maryanne, no, actually my uncle and grandma are my dad's brother and mom. They've sent grandma home with hospice and say she has alzheimer's. :( I'll be helping care for her.

My uncle starts chemo tomorrow.

My mom had that sonogram type thing (sorry, can't remember what it's called) of her heart and confirmed that there is fluid there, but of course the person doing it wouldn't say anything but that, so, mom should hear back around Friday what the results were and where to go from here...

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

love to you all,


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