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Talked with the Oncologists at the VA in Durham NC, they work closely with the ones from Duke University so I ended up getting sent to the Radiology Oncology people again. They looked at my records and talked with me and then ordered a series of tests. You all know the ones. Scan all the body with lots of radioactive dyes. The radiologist seems to think that they can zap the nodule in my lung without doing to much damage. They also are thinking of staging me as a 1 because they can't be sure it is a met from the last one. They also don't think I should do any chemo because it is counter indicated in stage 1. So if it's a new cancer but of the same kind and they can zap it with the radiation then I will start the treatments shortly after the New Year. I will know more on the 10th of Jan and let you all know.

Happy New Year to all.


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