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Well, yesterday we finally got the results of Dads latest CAT SCAN, and, despite some confusion on the doctors part, good news!

What happened was, they told us to call for the results (although my sister and I told my parents to make an appt. with the doctor to get the results for 4 days AFTER the test was done-I remember what JudyB said that she does that) they didn't-because the office said to call for the results. So, I called. They said "Oh, we don't give results over the phone"

Me: :? "Well, every test we've had so far, we've gotten the results over the phone (true)"

Her: "Oh, really?, Well we do require that you make an appointment for the results"

Me: "I can understand that, but we were told to call for the results. In the future we WILL make an appt. but right now, I need those results." I think she can hear me clenching my teeth as I speak, I tend to do that.

Her: "Oh, your father has an appointment scheduled already."

Me: "Oh, great, when?"

Her: "On April tenth"


Her: "Ok, call back in a couple of hours"

With that, I was going to be out, so my mom called and spoke with the Doctor. He said "one lesion remained the same, one shrunk, and I don't recall, but there is a third VERY SMALL lesion. I just don't remember if he had a third"

Ok, so my mom is upset. She calls me and tells me, and I'm going "THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!"

she dosn't get it.. Fortunatly, my sister and I BOTH remembered that Dad had the third lesion show up on a CAT last summer. Orig. he had one tumor in each lung, than last Aug. a third small one showed up. SO, there have been three. ONE SHRUNK, NO NEW ONES, AND WHO KNOWS IF THE THIRD GREW AND THEN SHRUNK, TOO? Anyway, they're keeping him on the Iressa, and I'm going on the 10th with my dad to make sure of the findings. The doctor didn't have dads records on hand when he spoke with Mom, just the results. And he forgot the third tumor, they didn't make a big deal of it when it was found because it was so small.

Anyway, thats the WHOLE STORY. Inhale....exhale... I guess we got a bit of door #1 and door #2...not bad, not bad at all. (reference to my General post about dads cat coming up) Take care and thank you ALL for the prayers and positive vibes... Deb

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YIPPEE !!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

I hate when the dr's office says "We can't give you the results over the phone" It always makes my heart sink thinking that they don't like to give bad news over the phone.

But we all know that is not the case. It just depends on the dr, how busy he is, what person (or nimkompoop (no idea how to spell)) answers the phone etc. etc.

All of my prayers for an excellent report on the 10th.

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Deb, Good gracious! I'm still amazed at the callousness of doctrs and their staff. How offhandedly and blithely they treat patients. I wish I were sick to my stomach. I'd go puke on a couple of them!

At least after the run-arounds, you got good news! Shall I post my cheerleader pix for you? :lol::lol::lol: JudyB

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Debaroo - YIPPEEEEE------

Great news...

That's precisely why I'm going to school to become an RN. I got tired of running into nincompoops! (I don't know how to spell it either! :oops: )

Either medical staff is GREAT or they are lousy. There isn't much in between. I plan on being a GREAT nurse. :D Heck - I've BEEN a great nurse! :shock:

Just wonderful news....sounds very promising.

Love and hugs,

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Yes Deb. that's very, very good news, :lol:

I'm so happy for you, your dad and family, looks like Iressa's doing it's thing. and I certainly can picture your frustration. We just keep marching on

breathing in and breathing out. But the cool thing is that were still marching.

God bless & be well - keeping you and your dad in my prayers

Bobmc - NSCLC - stage IIB - left pneumonectomy 5/2/01

absolutely insist on enjoying life today!

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