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Did anyone feel worse during their treatment break?


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Hi, all:

My mom is scheduled for a CT scan on 1/3 to make sure the cancer has not spread to her brain. She got a head cold about two weeks ago that seemed to turn into a sinus infection. Her oncologist said he's a worst case scenario type of doctor and would rather check for that because of her headaches and dizziness just to make sure. She's also saying her side hurts and that she can't lay on it. Right now she is on her break from both chemo and radiation. Did anyone else going through treatments experience any type of physical breakdown during their time off?

Thanks and hope you all had great holidays.


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I am sorry your mom is feeling bad. I felt horrible for the 1st week. Between the radiation and the chemo I had no energy and could not eat from the burning of the radiation. It got better the second week and am finally getting some energy back. It feels good to feel good again and I hope your mom starts to feel better.


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I think you can experience problems/painduring treatment, although maybe not even due to treatment. Mets can cause pain at any time, and with braain mets that can mean headaches or dizziness,etc.

Radiation effects can sometimes be felt 6 months later - usually being tired.

I would also have any diagnostic tests the doctor recommends done. There is no pain and they can provide a complete picture.


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