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help with sore mouth


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Robin, My mother had throat cancer and she was given magic mouthwash which seemed to help. Ask your doc or pharmacy to provide you with the ingredients you just swish it around (dont swallow) and spit it out. I cannot remember the ingredients but we mixed it in a small spray bottle and Mom she sprayed and swished as needed.

Hope this helps....

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Hello Robin and Happy New Year. So sorry you are having a sore mouth.

Mouth care during chemo is so important to prevent developing thrush which is a fungal infection.

Chemotherapy can cause the lining of the mouth to become very sore, and small ulcers may form. These ulcers may become infected and thus lead to thrush.

Using a very soft bristled toothbrush which will not irritate your gums, always rinse your mouth after you have vomited to prevent the acid from damaging your teeth, avoid food that are rough on the lining of your mouth such as spices, hot foods and raw veggies and crunchy foods and juices with a high acid content such as orange and grapefruit juices.

When I first complained to palliative care of my mouth being sore, they immediately prescribed Magic Mouthwash with a ton of refills. It became a dear friend to me throughout my chemo. It is a mixture of different things made by the pharmacy department.

At one point later in my chemo my sores turned into full blown thrush and I was provided with liquid Nystatin which is an antifungal. It did the job immediately.

Please let your doctor know as soon as possible about your sore mouth and get some magic mouthwash to prevent the sores from becoming worse.

Hope this helps and please let us know how you got along.


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Sorry to hear that you have a problem with your throat. If you are not already doing it an 8oz glass of water for every hour I am awake is what helped me. It’s a lot of water, but I could tell the difference if I slacked off. It may take a couple of days to notice a difference.

Stay positive, :)


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Try B-50 twice a day. The onc's office recommended that for mouthsores. It was a saving grace for Tony. Also Biotene mouthwash several times per day. If thrush is involved, the onc. will prescribe Nystatin, which you swish and swallow. Tony still has sore gums, but not the nasty mouthsores.

Good luck.


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From the Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Cyberfamily site:

Magic Mouthwash recipe

Viscous Lidocaine (1 part)

Maalox (1 part)

Benadryl (1 part)

I had heard in the past that the Maalox is left to sit and just the supernatant (the more liquid top part) is used. This recipe seems to use the whole thing.

Source: http://www.nhlcyberfamily.org/effects.htm

Appears to be a reputable site. - Teresa

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