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What I just did.


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I just had 11 inches cut off my hair. (Was to the middle of my back) Am going to donate it to Locks for Love where they make wigs for children who have cancer.

Kept telling my dad last year that I was going to do it...but didn't have the nerve and put it to the back of my mind. I guess I finally got up the nerve.... It'll grow back.

Will post a pic of it soon.

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She doesnt look half bad either!!!

It'll probably save us on hair conditioner... lol

She looks great and I know how much she valued her long hair and this is quite an act for her.

She is teriffic!~

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Dear Katie,

When my mother's hair was falling out we went to a wig salon. I don't know if you know much about wigs but the "real" hair wigs are MUCH nicer than the synthetic wigs. Anyhow, a young girl about the age of 10 or so walked in the salon door with her mother. She had lost all of her hair and while going through the store looking for wigs, she was picking out the more expensive "real" hair ones because she told her mom they looked most like her own hair. Unfortunately her mother couldn't afford them, she had to settle on a wig that didn't look like her own. She was worried about what the kids at school would say. It made me really sad.

You're contribution will have settled the worry and fear of some young girl. God bless.


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Thanks guys,

I've had an upset stomach pretty much since they cut my long pony-tail off! It was so hard! I just sat there and held my ponytail :cry: But like I said...it'll grow back :wink: ...it's such a small thing to do to help someone....

I can't help my dad anymore :cry: ....sometimes I'm so overwhelmed by sadness. :cry: ...I'm acting out...trying to help everyone I can....it's better than being angry...so tired of angry.

I don't really like my face with short hair--but I think I'll feel better about this short hairdo after work tomorrow....seeing everyone freak out and then hearing all the comments...(hopefully no one will be mean) and then life can move on.

I could've shaved my head and Rick would say it looks good...so it will be good to see others react to it!

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Katie, I'm so very proud of you!! (I hope you can take me seriously with my hair like this).

Speaking from a father's point of view, and knowing how much my daughter's hair means to them, this must have been quite something for you to go ahead with. I know Jessee is smiling. We have one teacher, and three students doing the same thing this Thursday.

By the way Katie, I haven't been able to take your father's name sticker off my handle bars yet. I was in the bike store the other day chatting with all the guys when on guy asked ,"who is Jessee?" I told them all about him

and that his name was there to inspire me on tough sections of the race course because he was such a strong man and fought so hard to beat this thing. There were a couple wows from the group, and then they were silent for quite some time afterwards. Thanks again for continuing to be such an inspiration to everyone on the board Katie. Take care,

David P.

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Katie! I can't wait to see your new hair! That is such a great thing to do. !! My hair grows like a weed, (like the old Velvet and Chrissie dolls? remember?) and I have tried to donate it, but since I dye it like 2 times a month, they won't take it. :( ~it grows like 2 inches a month, and I am constantly cutting but if I could donate it I would let it grow.

well at least in LA.

I joke with Mom, Judy B, about she can have my hair, and calls me names, *jealousy* ahhahaha* because I got thick hair from my Dad, and so if the place you sent yours to, will take dyed hair, let me know. (it isn't damaged, just colored)

You go girl!!! You inspire me, If my Mom died I would not be able to function, I do not know how you do it!!!


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First of all, Katie, I am proud of you too. I miss my long hair too, but I have gotten used to the sight of my face without it.

I told my mom recently that my hair has started to develop wither some of the famous "chemo curl" or else I have cowlicks in places I never knew I had them before. It's finally long enough to comb a little, but it seems basically pointless to do so, because my hair points in whatever direction it wants to anyway. She told me to take lots of closeup pictures of it so that when my Katie is older and says things like "I hate my hair" I can pull out my pictures and tell her it could be worse. (it's a good thing all my vanity fell out with my hair! :lol: )


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Hi everyone,

Just had to post something I think is really neat. When I got my hair cut, the minute I got out of the car, my neighbors next door RAN over to me and freaked out :shock: ...(me & my LONG hair...for years I've looked the same) ANYWAY, I was holding my pony-tail in my hand and explained to them that I was donating it. My neighbor has two kids, a little boy and his older sister who is 10.

WELL, today, we are leaving to go out to eat, and the neighbors are just getting home next door. The girl runs over to me shakes her head from side to side and handed me HER pony-tail... She had gotten her hair cut short too!

Her mom just shook her head and said "YOU started it!" and laughed.

It made me feel good. That little girl has a huge heart and I think she did a great thing!

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