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Exercise tips for cancer survivors (and caregivers)


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Dr. Anna L. Schwartz, author of this article, is an esteemed cancer researcher whose expertise lies in exercise for treatment of cancer-related fatigue. Since I've recently recommended simple exercises to treat shortness of breath on this site, I thought some people here might wish to read more on cancer & exercise. This is a brief overview of exercise for people with cancer. No reason why caregivers cannot use these tips, though.

http://www.newliving.com/issues/aug%202 ... rcise.html

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I agree completely, Lisa. Realistically, people just need to know how to increase their activity levels, not how to be world-class athletes.

By the way, Anna Schwartz was on my dissertation committee. I found the article while looking for contact information for her - she is now at a different university. She is one smart nurse!

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