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Hi--I have vowed to lead a healthier life and have a more nutritious diet. I think my Mom's recent death has made me realize that i need to start a healthier lifestyle now so i can be around for my kids. I am working on eating more fiber, fruits, veggies and lean meats. Heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure are very prominent in my family. In addition, i was exposed to a lot of second-hand smoke growing up.

My question is, what type of supplements, vitamins, etc should i take to improve my health and decrease my likelihood of these disease. Thanks.


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Rochelle, My opinion would be for someone like you a good natural diet and regular exercse and regular amounts of good clean water would be the best way to go. Some people add a multi-vitamin with meals. I think God's organic natural foods is the best way to go, if you become a vegetarian you will need to be careful about getting proper amounts of protien in your diet, Hope this helps some.....Joe

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My honest opinion is this; When you go to the grocery store, Stay around the outer edge. Buy only the fresh and natural ingredients :) not the canned and frozen and processed stuff :o It is a start for everyone and you can take and spend time preparing better quality food for dinner :wink: Just my thoughts. I am trying it this year and I live with just my puppy dawg.

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