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Question about Taxotere


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My mother has been being treated for NSCLC. She completed 3 cycles of chemo (Cisplatin and Etopocide) and 36 radiation treatments. It went better than I could have ever expected. She just had a ct scan yesterday and we should have the results next week. All along during her treatments the oncologist and radiologist said she was doing great and that her lungs sounded clear. She elected not to have the surgery as she is 77 and was not comfortable having it. She had two of her lymph nodes in her chest that were involved, but according to the doctors, they are not a factor anymore according to the ct scans that she had during her radiation therapy. I appreciate all of your advice along the way. Now, the oncologist wants Mom to have possibly 3 treatments of taxotere. One would be next Monday, then she would be off 3 weeks and then have another and so on. She is worried about getting sick on this as she had no nausea during her 18 other treatments. She took Emend each day she had the cisplatin and she wonders if she needs to take it for the Taxotere. The oncologist has said that this chemo is not nearly as strong as the Cisplatin and that she should not have any trouble, but I just want to make sure. It sounds like these treatments have done the trick but I will await the ct results. God bless everyone on this board and thanks again for all of the advice.


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I got really bad leg cramps for a few days after each treatment of Taxotere. I recommend drinking lots of water or fluids the day of treatment and at least three days after. Your mother may not have this problem. As far as nausea is concerned I do not remember what I had. I was giving some anti nausea medications IV through any chemo treatment they felt was necessary. I also had copazene(not sure on spelling) to take as needed. I did use it during some of the chemos, but not often and do not remember which ones.

It sounds like she has a good treatment plan. I wish her luck going through this.


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Joel is still going through Taxaltere. His symptoms were cramping in the thighs and lower back. But this may have been caused by the Neuslasta shot he receives the day after each treatment to keep his white blood cells up.

He felt the effects of the chemo about 3 to 4 days after the treatment. Which lasted about 3 days. He drank lots of water and that helped. He did not need neasuea medicine. But get the perscription filled anyway in case she needs it.

This was a tough chemo for him. He has one more treatment and he will be done.

Everyone is different when it comes to chemo. Good luck, keep us posted. I hope you mom has very few side effects.


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My Mom has been on Taxotere since September, she had low blood counts on the first cycle, so they reduced the dose, and since then apart from feeling fatigued sometimes, she is tolerating the chemo well. She had minimal nausea and sometimes had a mild metallic taste in her mouth. This chemo has kept her stable and today she has an appointment with her oncologist and he will decide what the next steps are.


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My Mom is taking Emed and Zofran IV and orally as needed after with her Taxotere treatments. Her nickname is the "Puking Queen" so it may not be so hard on your Mom's tummy,but I say better safe than sorry. Why take the chance, because once you start vomiting, it is hard to stop it.

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