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It won't be the cancer


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Well, I haven't written anything in a while because my MIL never would agree to have the biopsy done. So we have ignored "the cancer" all year. I guess she was right to not find out - it isn't the cancer that is going to kill her. On December 20, just a few days before we were all going to her house for Christmas dinner, an aneurysm in her abdomine ruptured. We all ran to the hospital (including her son that only comes up once a year - at Christmas) and met her before the surgery. We knew about the aneurysm in her belly (as well as the one at her heart) but the doctors felt that she would not survive the surgery needed to repair it. So here we are waiting at 3:00am to hear if she made it through emergency surgery. Oh, and as a side note, the lung cancer was diagnosed when they scanned for the aneurysm. It is so far along now that there is no question. So... at 4:00am the doctor walks out and told us that she made it. Problem 1. The rupture prevented blood from getting to her legs. No pulse in either. A few days go by. Problem 2. She has pneumonia in both lungs. She has refused the respirator. A few days go by. Both legs are dead. Black. One up to the hip the other at the knee. Her liver is failing. She has a fever. We spoke with hospise yesterday. She was right. It was OK to ignore the cancer.

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My MIL passed away yesterday afternoon. I was supposed to fly out for a business trip yesterday so we went to the hospital earlier then normal. She was sleeping with a respiration mask on so we didn't wake her. At noon, I had to leave to catch my plane. At 1:00pm, as I was turning off the highway into the airport parking lot, I got the call. I turned around. I'm glad this is over for her... but that doesn't make it feel any better. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and thoughts. Her struggle was short, less then a year, but I really appreciated the support.

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