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Side effects - Avastin alone vs. Carbo/Taxol/Avastin triplet


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In 2 weeks I'll be getting my last Carboplatin/Taxol/Avastin combo infusion -- after that the plan is Avastin only for an unknown (to me) period of time.

If you've gone this route, which side effects that you had experienced with the triplet were eliminated or reduced when you dropped the Carbo and Taxol?



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John had it with Alimta but now is on the Avastin alone. It is an easy chemo-- he feels tired the next day or so and that is about it. No real bad side effects at all-- I think you will be surprised at how quick it is too.

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I was on Carbo/Taxol/Avastin from day one. I was the first one at Sloan to be put on Avastin for lung cancer, actually before it was approved for lung. After I finished my carbo/taxol, I stayed on Avastin until I had a slight progression that was taken care of with radiation.

Wonderful drug. Absolutely no side effects. .


best to you.

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Okay! Stable with practically no side effects sounds like Utopia right now. Although my side effects have been minor in the overall scheme of things, I guess it's common (at least it is for me) to fixate on whatever problem is predominant at the time, especially if it interferes with needed sleep.

If Ned actually attains NED at some point, that will be a welcome bonus, but for now I'm looking forward to feeling relatively good, working on improving my lung function, and getting on with life as a "senior." Bumps in the road we'll handle when and if they occur.

Aloha to all in this wonderful group!

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Hi Ned,

I too was fortunate that I had very few side effects from the triple carbo/taxol/avastin. I had absolutely no nausea and was tired for only the few days after chemo. Eventually the chemo took its toll and by the last couple rounds I was tired in general all the time, but never exhausted.

I have only had one round of avastin alone, my next is on monday. The only side effect I have is bloody noses on and off. The nose bleeds are not too bad, but I recently had one spontaneous nose bleed that lasted almost 10 minutes, that has been the worst so far.

My last chemo was 11/11 and I would have to say my energy level is back to what it was before, and I am a high energy person. If I had hair no one would ever think that I had advanced stage cancer. My hair is also coming in pretty fast, it almost lays down flat now.

Overall I think Avastin alone is a very simple treatment and I hope that I get to stay on it for a long, long time.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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