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How long is chemo in the system?


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I think it depends on the type of drug used. Then you get into half-life's, how the body excretes a particular drug, and all kinds of other scientific issues that are waaay over my head. I think Don has it right for standard doublet therapies.

Good luck


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This is a great question. I do know this...when my dad had his first appointment after radiation, and after all the chemo rounds were done, he was able to see what it had done. Then, we waited 3 months, and he was able to see even better things, and I will never forget him saying, "Wow...look what my body did and that was without any meds." I think for him, the fact that he had cancer was like a let down...his body had failed him...so to see improvement without meds was a huge think for him.

God bless!


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