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I got a job!


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My dad's cousin owns this home health place, well, they just added hospice to it and needed an aide so they called me. I went to their office today and got all the stuff I'll be needing, and have much to read and papers to fill out!

It's funny how He works it all out, cause I was feeling pulled towards doing hospice.

NOW, I'm SCARED! :shock: Well, you know, the whole newness of it all, meeting the people and meeting their needs, all that good stuff! So.. keep me in your thoughts and prayers too cause I'll need 'em! :)

Now, the sad thing is, I only have two patients at the moment and one of them is my grandma... :(

She's going down so fast...

But I am very excited about this new journey I'm about to go, which includes helping others on to their next journey as well...

I know many of you have had to use hospice, so please feel free to share with me ANYTHING you think I need to know that would further help me to be a good caregiver.



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Thank you all! I figured it was about time for an update! :)

The job is going great. I love it. I had three pts, but one lady passed yesterday, I had only seen her twice, she had copd..:(

So, I still have my grandma, who has good days and bad days, as well as my other guy, who is doing the same. :) I so enjoy visiting with and encouraging the families, as well as making my pts comfortable.

Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers!


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