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Loss of Consciousness/Unresponsiveness


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Last night was very scary. My aunt and dad told me that my mom refused to eat, and then she became unresponsive for several hours. Then she just got out of bed and hobbled to the bathroom on her own (which she knows the doc said she is not to do)! Today she's a little more "alive," is talking and eating a little, etc, and of course has no memory of last night. I just talked to her on the phone. It was really good to hear her voice!

We were all so afraid she was near the end, but the hospice nurse said this is all typical of the "rollercoaster" during the end stage, and to expect rapid changes like that. Did others' have this experience with their loved ones?


P.S. Sorry to be posting so much about myself now and not supporting other posters. I just feel like I don't have the capacity for very much more now.

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Yes, what hospice told you is what happened with both my folks as well. My mom would go from a sort of delirium and no energy to being like the ever-ready bunny in her wheelchair -- things such as her extremity swelling didn't even phase her either; it's very much a normal part of the process.

Don't worry about "not supporting other posters." You are supporting us by just posting -- many others are learning from your questions and experiences that you post.

Take care,


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No apologies necessary.

Yes, this sounds common. My Mom and Dad had moments of lucidity and energy toward the end. It really is a rollercoaster --- especially emotionally for loved ones. There were also times where we were swatting at morphine induced hallucinations to calm them down. Birds flying, spiders on walls, etc. You just never know what they might be seeing in their own mind.

Courage, strength and ((HUGS)) to you my friend,


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I know this is so very difficult for you, I remember in my dads' final days, he would have varying degrees of responsiveness. I remember seeing him on the Friday before he died, he was alert, but did sleep alot, then by Sat. less alert and then by Sun he was totally unconscious, he passed away very early that Monday morning.

I don't have any words of wisdom, everyone is different in their living and their dying. But I knew that my dad knew that we were around him, even if he couldn't communicate it to us. But he did rouse one brief time, when my mom told him she loved him, he told her he loved her back.

Even today, it is still such an emotional experience. I know you are strong, and please know you have much support here for you.


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