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Surgeon Visit/Oncologist Visit


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Well, I managed to see both in one day since they're both in the same building. The timing just worked out great.

My 12 cm. incision from my October adventure is healing nicely. The surgeon said it's very clean and closing well. Go back to see him next month.

Oncologist visit really just consisted of getting prescription refills, planning for a March CAT scan, said, in effect, NED, go have fun and stay otta trouble (see, he knows me well.) One thing we did laugh about is the fact that i'm getting OLDER! Big smiles about that. I can remember discussing turning 50 with him and that was 3 years ago.

So it went well. 2007 is starting out on a positive note.

Joanie ((()))

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Joanie, double WOW,WOW!!! What a difference a year makes. When I think how scared we were for you a year ago and now look at you :D. You are such a courageous fighter a little stubborn :roll: but it certainly worked for you.


Keep the good news coming.

Maryanne :wink::wink:

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