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PET results


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The results are in. Generally good with some ???'s

Mild uptake in mandible (that's right, my chin!!!). "This is of uncertain clinical significance" No CT abnormality in chin.

Large lung lesion (Alfonse) same size but increased cavitation and decreased uptake. The three subcentimeter lung lesions (the three amigos) are the same size but have no uptake.

No lymphadenopathy (no swollen lymph nodes) or uptake in hilia or medastinum.

Minimal uptake in colon which is likely physiologic. Again "uncertain clinical significance".

The previous hypermetabolic osseous disease (bone mets) appears overall improved with previous study. Manubrial lesion resolved. T1 lesion "no longer identified". L2 has increased uptake but radiologist blames it on differences in marrow hyperplasia and not progression. The uptake in the sacrum and pelvis are less conspicuous on the current study and demonstrate overall improvement. There remains a conspicuous lesion in the left acetabulum (hip socket) which is not significantly changed.

I'll take it! Happy New Year.

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Thanks for sharing and good to hear the report. Progress in the right direction is always good.

Oh, and about the whole mandible thing, Tony looked like he had Abe Lincoln's beard on one of his PET's. They decided that it was gum/mouth irritation/inflamation.

Now the "naming" is another thing altogether! You crack me up. :lol:


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Hi Aron,

Good news the chemo is working. Were you reading from a report? Did your Onochologist break it down for you yet?

Sending healing vibes for continued success. Let's knock this bugger out!!

How much more chemo do you have?

Maryanne :wink:

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Alfonse, and The Three Amigos!!!


I have often pictured mine as having a sort of 5-ring circus (or should I say 5 lobe...? :roll: )goin' on in there - ya know when they say "wait & watch"...? Heehee...what do they expect to see? Kidding.

Aaron, I am so happy for your good report. As for the mandible thing? My last PET/CT showed uptake in the palate/tonsil/throat area (I have no tonsils) I kept joking that it was from talking too much. Actually, I have some weird, bony growth on my hard palate - still haven't determined the clinical significance of that, if any...

Anyway - CONGRATS!!! Think I'll bake some brownies in your honor... 8)8) Again, kidding...(?)

Yours in HOPE!!!


P.S. Tell Alfonse and the "Amigos" it's time for them to go, now!!! :wink:

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