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Sinus infections - nose bleeds

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When you get a sinus infection while undergoing chemo could the combination trigger continous nose bleeds?

MIL has a Sinus infection and for days has had to have a constant tissue to wipe away the ever present dripping blood.

I wonder if maybe chemo has thinned the blood allowing this seemingly unnormal side effect with the sinus issue.

She was put on antibiotics, by the local MD. Hasnt had any fever associated with it though.

Just curious if anyone has thoughts?

Beat it!!

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I don't have any definite knowledge about the nose bleeding-sinus infection relationship with chemo, but it seems like a reasonable assumption that the bleeding would be cause by a sinus infection in associated with the chemo somehow. That is a good question for your MIL's oncologist. I hope it stops and the infection clears up. One doesn’t’ need such annoyances when doing chemo.

Don M

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Her oncologist should be notified of the bloody nose. I've never had a sinus infection with a bloody discharge, just nasty ectoplasm (to borrow a term for the '80's hit of "Ghostbusters"). I don't think a steady stream of blood from any orifice is a "good thing" and would definitely let her doctor know.

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Bloody nasal discharge I can see because some of these chemos can really be hard on mucus/moist mouth, throat, nasal tissues. Also teary eyes and runny nose. Continued bleeding, not so much. Call the Doctor.

Hope your MIL finds a solution quickly. Geez, talk about adding insult to injury!



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