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Update on my Dad


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Want to keep all of you informed. My Dad now is waiting to have the PCI treatment. Most likely start the first within 2 weeks. Really want this to be done earlier.

My Dad now sometimes feels not well while he is in a crowd. He feels his chest feeling not well and difficult to breath, he feels that the air is not fresh. You know, in Hong Kong, it is really difficult to breath in fresh air.

Beyond that, he feels good, he thinks he is healthy. Although no CT or PET scan had been done after chemo & radiotherapy (doctors said they are not ncessary, X-ray is good enough), but the recent Brain CT showed no brain met as of 9-15. My Dad stopped taking TM around 1 week ago as he always thinks this is for those in Stage IV and he doesn't want to be a "rat" at this moment. Moreover, he said after taking TM, he had the shortness of breath etc....whatever the reasons, he refused to take TM anymore even after my several times persuasion. Now he keeps on taking chinese herb medicine and exercising 'Qigong' everyday. Everyday he walks up the mountain and exercise "Qigong" twice a day. He believes that he can beat the cancer.

He tells me that his hair is turning black after exercising "qigong' and he tells me his skin turns whiter and smoother, he relates this to the chemo!! He said, maybe the chemo helps to clean up the sewage inside his body....... :)

Yesterday, my Dad, mom and my brother, myself and my husband went to a beach watching the sunset. It was really fantastic as we have a long time not been to a beach together. It was really good. The sunset is really fantastic. My Dad really wants to swim yesterday, he likes swimming very much. Really don't know when could he swim again.

In fact, after my dad being diagnosed, I bought a video camera, we record all memorable memories and moments that we have. I am that kind of person, who always playing two roles, one side keep on doing positive and agressive, the other side thinks negative, thinks "what-if". I tell myself that I have to believe that my dad could fight this horrible cancer even the stats is not optimistic. I have to remind myself always.....

I have to give confidence on my Dad, I have to believe what is now happening on my Dad...I have to believe in Miracles.....I am that kind of person who has a little faith like a mustard seed.

Thank you for your kind listening.

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I know what you mean about the air in the city. I remember as a kid when we left Boston and we went down to Cape Cod to the beach house

( cottage) the fresh air made us so relaxed and sleepy. With cars and trucks etc the air in the city is pretty poluted. Sounds like the beach visit was great. What is the temperature there now? Here in Minnesota the summer just ended and now we have instant winter. Few weeks ago it was 90 degrees Farenheit ( about 37 C) , now it is 36 degrees. I suppose you talk about 22 degrees celsious. Wishing you and your Dad many happy days together and that the radiation goes well. Sure wish they used CTs there. Best Wishes Donna G

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Berisa, thank you for the update. Sounds like things are progressing smoothly, or as smooth as possible for your Father. I just finished my PCI last week. Tell your Father I am praying for him and get him to the beach to swim!!!! The video camera is such a great idea, Karen and I bought one and took it to China when we adopted our little girl but have not used it much since we got back. I will make it a point to use it more. I also have problems breathing sometimes in crowds especially when there are people smoking or other pollutants in the air and I remember the air in Guongzou while being better than Beijing was still a little difficult to breath. Please keep us posted on how you and your Dad are doing.

David C

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Hi Donna, now in hong kong, it is about 25 - 30 C, still hot in daytime. Suppose now is autumn but the weather doesn't seem like autumn, autumn here normally is a very short season in Hong Kong. The coldest is around 5-6 C here. The hottest is around 34C.

David, thank you for your prayers, my Dad is going to have the 1st PCI this Thursday (10/2). You and Karen are very kind and I feel that I know you both for a long while already. :wink: Yes, you are right, Beijing is more polluted than Guangzhou.

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Hello Berisa,

I also felt it harder to breathe if it was warmer than 75'F, or high humidity, and the "bad air quality " days we experience here in the big city really hit me hard. Thank goodness for air conditioning, I could actually breathe comfortably.

I am very glad your dad is enjoying family trips and his exercising up the mountain. He sounds very centered.

I always felt so badly for my caregivers, and other caregivers. It's bad enough to have this lousy disease, but to watch a loved one suffer through it must be awful. You please lean on me, borrow some of my strength to help you through.

The video camera is wonderful. Enjoy each moment, each day as it comes. This is something having cancer taught me... tomorrow has no guarantees. We take our lives in our hands every time we go out in a car. So each moment is truly special if we take the time to live in that moment.

You and your family are in my prayers.


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I love reading your delightful posts which are so full of not only what is happening medically to your dad, but also how things are going for him mentally and spiritually. What a wonderful daughter you are to him and I'm sure he finds joy and takes great pride in you. Keep relishing those special family experiences and dazzling natural displays such as sunsets or birds singing. Blessings.

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Berisa, keep up the positive attitude. It is often hard to do, but it is one of the key components of the treatment.

I hope that the herbs and exercise help, in the least it cannot hurt. If your dad was in good physical shape prior to the disease this should be a plus in fighting it.

You are a wonderful daughter and remind me a lot of my wife (Katieb). It seems that its always the daughters that are the strong ones... (Daddies Girls)

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hi Rick, you know in my circle of working fellows, we always say, if we could choose the sex, we should have a baby girl rather than have a baby boy bcoz girls behave in more caring ways, they knows how to better support the family and comparatively more commited into the parents' issues. hahaha... :D

Do American think in that way?? I am interested in knowing more cultural diversity in the world. Really interesting. That's why I like "National Geographic" & "Discovery Channel" very much :P

P.S. This message is not an advertisement!!! :!: Personal comment and opinion ONLY.

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In our country I believe one looks forward to giving birth to a girl for the same reason as you stated. I believe a girl is born with mother instincts and the need to nurture. It seems in our country a girl is close to her dad and boys are close to their moms. At least that is how i have seen it. Usually when a parent needs someone to help them, it normally is a daughter. Of course there is always the except of a son being the caring child for we have only one child and it is a boy and he is very caring and loving and is a great father..

So glad your dad is able to get out and about. Whatever he feels is helping him is the right thing to do. He knows what his body is telling him. My husband has days when he has a little harder time breathing also and usually it is when it is extremely humid. He to tries to get exercise by walking in the neighborhood.

Don't feel bad about having down days. We all go through that. We try to be brave and see a bright future everyday but hey, we are only human and humans have good and bad days.

I love hearing about your country....I sometimes feel as though I am there with you. It is amazing how these computers makes one seem close. Try and have a great day! Give a lot of hugs out today....that always helps a person feel special....

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