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To Kasey, Ginny, Gail, Sharon,Hebbie and all Philly fans


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Guess you know what this post is:..


What a finish to that Dallas game last night. Devine intervention on the Seahawks!!! I also loved when TO dropped the ball. :lol: Did you see all those signs by some Seattle fans that read how many dropped balls by TO?

Revenge.... love it...

Now bring on the Giants... Tiki Barber and Eli watch out... it's your turn to be eliminated.

Maryanne :wink:

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Won't miss the game, Maryanne! In fact, we are headed to Bethesda, MD for my checkup that begins at 7:30 tomorrow morning....BUT we are leaving home in plenty of time to get to the hotel to see the whole game! Hope the adjoinging rooms don't complain if we are cheering or booing too loudly! However, we know our Eagles......so we are deciding ahead of time we WON'T be disappointed IF they bomb!

We are taking our Eagles Santa hats along too :wink:



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Okay you PATS Fans this was just for Eagle Fans!!!

CONGRATS OF OUR EAGLES who pulled it off at the last minute Talk about heart palliations...whew...

Philly is rocking today. Is Brian Westbook a rushing machine or what? I can't believe he was not picked for the Pro Bowl.

Our headline in the paper today:

David the Giant Killer..... How appropriate, that David (Akers) slew the Giant!!! Love those headlines.

Next... New Orleans.... Bring on the Saints!!!!

Maryanne :D:wink:

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