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Gators vs. Buckeyes.....Any thoughts????


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Well, I guess I have to admit that this one time I will be rooting for the Gators. Although I live in Florida, I'm not a Gator fan. Being an alumni of the University of Tennessee, my blood still runs bright orange and I have never been able to get excited about the Gators. But...I guess I'll have to fit in with the entire state tonight and wear my blue and orange!!! So, what about you guys????

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I hope it's safe to differ with you all, 'cuz I really like this group and would hate to be kicked out or ignored. My husband and I are Big Ten (11?12? whatever)fans. Minnesota is our favorite, then WI, Northwestern, and Mich. State. Ohio isn't our favorite "Big Ten" team, but we'd still like them to win, despite living in central FL.


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Well, I guess those Gators really "chomped away" at the Buckeyes. I don't think even us Floridians had any idea what a strong finish they would have. I'm still a true Vols fan but at least an SEC team took home the win.

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