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Has anyone ever had sugery when they were diagnosed stage4?


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I don't think surgery is used for Stage 4 after chemo.

There are certain stage 4 patients that qualify for surgery such as an isolated brain or adrenal met. This is not usual though.

For stage IIIa and maybe b, sometimes radiation/chemo is used first and then surgery may be done if there is a good response.

Surgery and radiation (in general) is a "local" therapy. Patients that are stage 4 have a "systemic" disease so the whole body needs to be treated.

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I met an 8 year stage 4 lung cancer survivor just a couple of days ago. When he was first diagnosed he was stage 4 and he had aggressive chemotherapy. He became NED! He did have a reoccurance after a few years but since it was just one place with no other signs of lung cancer that did a thorocotomy followed by more chemo and now cancer free since 00'

Donna G

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My husband had brain surgery to remove several mets to the brain after being diagnosed Stage IV NSCLC in May 2005. Shortly after recovering from the brain surgery, he endured a wedge resection to the lung to remove the tumor on the lung. Best of luck to you in your treatment.

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