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What's after chemos/rad/cyberknife and Tarceva??????


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My mom is running out of options!!

She on 3rd/4th line and not sure what to do next.

I'm expecting poor results from the latest scan because she is in so much pain and taking a lot of pain meds. (we're getting results Thursday 1/11/06)

Her onc. says she can't do an HKI trial and she is also excluded from a Zactima one too as she has had one too many chemos.

I'm thinking of having her go to Cancer Treatment Centers just to see what they say. Someone there said many people die because their body is so weak- not really from the cancer. That is why the nutritional aspect is so critical.

I'm babbling.

Any suggestions??


Kelly :D

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There are many options without being on a trial. Often trials canrestrict you due to the criteria - but the same protocols may be made available if the doctor feels they would be helpful.

I have been on gemcitibyne/carboplatin, then Alimta, then Taxotere, and now Tarceva. Haven't had Tarceva check up yet, but there are other options. And I plan on continuing to try these.

I do also use pain meds - and have since my first diagnosis. I take 2 30mg MS-Contin daily. No change has been needed, but I have had 3 spots radiated and two stereotactic treatments for brain mets.

Have you doctor suggest the next choice and also request that a better option for pain relief. Has a nuerosurgeon suggested the Vertebroplasty to relief the pain?

If your doctor is not providing options that are improving the condition, I would definitely look for a new/second opinion. Hang in there ...sometimes it looks bad, but a week later the situation has changed.

Best wishes. Let us know how things work out.


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Alimta has been very hard on many individuals here. Many have terrible fatigue-- I am willing to bet your mom's problems are from the Alimta. I am not saying to stop it--just know that this may be causing her problems. Avastin is not mentioned -- ask about Avastin at the appointment. They may even add it to her Alimta.

Cancer Treatment Centers is a good idea-- we've only had good posts from members that have gone there. I don't remember anyone having a bad experience.

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