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Caregiver of husband diagnosed with nsclc


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Hello - I just found this website. I hope it will bring me some peace to have others to talk with and share experiences as caregivers to someone we love with cancer. My husband was diagnosed with nsclc. Stage IIIB Squamous cell lung cancer on September 1, 2006. He is 52 years old. He has done 4 cycles of taxotere and carboplatin. We were told he will have a minimum of 6 cycles. He just finished 38 treatments of radiation and is on a 2 week rest period before starting back on full strength chemo again. They reduced the dosages on his chemo drugs while taking radiation but was getting chemo along with the radiation. He just had another CT scan done and will get the results next week. He has an excellent outlook for himself which I am so thankful for. I see him suffering through the chemo treatments though and it is so hard sometimes but I try to keep his spirits up as much as possible. We have talked and cried together and love each other very much. I have met a lot of people during his treatments and we all shared the same thing. Sadness that this disease has taken hold of someone we love. Thanks for listening.

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Hi Max,

Sorry the board is a place you had to find, but welcome and I hope it can be helpful.

I wish John and you the best. It sounds like the treatment is underway and six treatments are over before you know it. I do know the radiation can be exhausting, and you get a second hit if fatigue months after the radiation. So make sure John gets plenty of rest.

Good luck.


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Hello Max and welcome

I am sorry you had reason to find a site such as this, but very happy you have joined us. I am sorry about your husband but it does sound as if he has a great attitude and outlook and that is so important when fighting this disease.

Please let us know how we can help you both. This is such a wonderful community of people who are willing to give you advice, answer any and all questions you have, as well as give you tons of support and HOPE.

Keep us posted and know that you have found a wonderful family here,

My best to you and your husband,


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Hi, Max, and welcome! You meet some of the nicest people through LC and get a lot of support from those who know.

I was a caregiver for my wife for 4 years. She was Stage IV NSCLC and given 9 months. She lived 4 years and led a pretty good life through that time, although she was taking chemo most of that time. Her first chemo was Taxotere and Carboplatin, which served her well. She also had radiation.

Most times she was able to get around on her own, bathe and dress, and her mind was always clear. She was able to go out most of the time.

I wish your husband many, many years. Sounds like both of you have a good attitude to attack this beast. Keep us posted and let us know how we may support you both. Don

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