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There's no "BOOK" on my husband


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I have mentioned that I would give an update as to how my husband is doing, and since I've known for a bit, but w/ the holidays, and my "little one" being so sick :( ( but she is slowly getting better), I think you will understand the title of my post.

As some may know my husband was doing IMRT to brain mets and rad to chest and liver, his scans showed increase in number and size of mets in brain and slight increase in lung. So at that point, his onc. decided to go back on oral etoposide only, of course I'm thinking one chemo, isn't two or even 3 better?

But onc. said husbands' overall blood looked good and he wanted to go ahead. So the goal was 21 days, which if anyone understands this type of chemo how it is taken, to finish 21 days is very rare. Well my man or "chemo man" did it, of course w/ some small modifications - 1 pill as day in the final days vs. 2 pills.

Next,after time off of chemo, which puts us around the holidays, dr. wants to do the "tests" MRI and CT chest. My husband is fortunate to get both for the Fri. before Christmas, but before we left the dr. office I said, please don't spoil our Christmas if it isn't good. Well luv him he didn't but the 26th he called, my husband happened to be out for a walk. The news was beyond good!!!!! the MRI ( the written report ) indicated decrease in number and size of mets and decrease in brain swelling, his CAT indicated decrease in size of tumors in lung and adrenal gland!

Well I couldn't believe it, shock set in, dr. couldn't believe it either, he was impressed, we saw in a couple of days later, he can't explain why, but, he said for my husband to have what he has EX Small Cell LC w/ reoccuring brain mets, to respond so well to just the etoposide is phenominal! ...so I thought my husband doesn't go by any "BOOK" - throw the proverbal "BOOK" out!

Now know that he still hadn't seen the actual films/scans, but told my husband to start back on Etoposide again, it's so hard keeping track of everything, but in my confusion, the next day I called his nurse, expecting her to call me back, well she didn't but the dr. did (and he was on vacation, but happened to had popped in at the hosp to see the scans) .

This is what he tells me....90 % decrease in the lung tumor!!! 50 - 60 % decrease in the brain mets!!! Again, he tells me he has never seen it before, but then again, you haven't met my one of a kind husband.

Oh I'm leaving out all kinds of stuff, but I will tell you , its' been so mentally exhausting in all the good news, it still is a constant fight, my husband can never stop. His Dr. told him and me , that my husband is one of the main reasons that gets him up to come to work everyday!, my husbands' progress is nothing short of unbelievable. If my husband went into Boston, ( u all know some of the best cancer ctrs in the world) they would be in amazement too.

....so we take the good (great, we take the bad ...( and no I am not going to sing the theme to the "Facts of Life" :D ......

but please, even when you think the worse, the bad, lost all hope know that this disease is so unpredictable that no one and I mean no one can tell you what will happen for sure!

...thanks for letting me ramble!!!


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What lovely news to begin the New Year (and the day) with!!! May your "Chemo Man" continue to "write the NEW BOOK"!!!

ALL the BEST to your family (and your wonderful doc!) in 2007! Here's to continued shrinkage! :wink:

Yours in HOPE!!


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Oh My G-d Grace, I was so hesitant to read your post from your heading. But boy I am so glad I did and the news is overwhelming.

That is incredible!!!!! I am sooooo thrilled for both of you. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Keep the good news coming!!!


Maryanne :wink:

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