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Dad's First Scan Tomorrow

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Oh, I feel your anxiety and offer all of my support to you! It is always so difficult wait for the scan and then have to wait for the results. Just take deep breaths. We have another one coming up soon too.

My husbands oncologist also said no supplements during treatment because he said he wanted my husbands body to be like a sewage pit so the cancer would not want to be there. He said that some of the supplements make the cancer grow. I am sure there is much controversy over this subject but as soon as my husband had his last treatment of chemo (last week) the oncologist said to go ahead and start the supplements and everything right away if we wanted.

I wish you and family all the best. I wish there was more I could say to ease your anxiety but if you need to talk, this is the place to come.


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Rochelle, I will add your Dad to my prayers. Try not to worry so much before you know anything..After all..Fear is Faith turned inside out. Trust God to make him well. Miracles happen all the time. I really feel like he is working on one for my sister. Please let us know and take care of yourself.

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How did it go? I'm Flo's husband and we both have been praying for you and your family during this time of need.I know that it can take a lot out of you , both physically and emotionally. Its good to have family that cares for us and support us.

I keep this message in mind ( Just walk it out) no matter what the struggle is just keep walking in the lord and he will make an way when we see no way out.

Terry Bones

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Thanks everyone for your prayers and well wishes. You all are the best! My dad doesn't see the doc again until Tuesday so we won't know until then :roll:

Until then, I am preparing for an eventful weekend. I am closing on a house tomorrow and my birthday is Sunday so we have alot to keep us occupied :) I will keep everyone posted. Again, thanks a million!



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