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Hello Everyone... I came to this site looking for support... You see, my dad (will be 45 April 16th), was diagnosed with Lung Cancer on March 19th. Next week they go in to see if it is SCLC OR NSCLC. He has spots on his spine, liver and esophagus. (are these called mets???) His brain scan came up clear (he said they actually couldn't find anything in his head at all - haha) so that is good news.

He started coughing in October. A constant, stubborn cough that wouldn't seem to go away. The doctors claimed it to be some sort of infection. In January when he went back to the doctors they scheduled all the tests and such that I am sure many of you know about. The exact stage of the cancer is not known yet, but by my research it appears to be atleast a stage three.

And that is what scares me the most. My research. I was curious and wanted to know what to expect and what was to come and what exactly lung cancer was. I found a lot of information that made me scared and a lot that made me cry. I left school the day my dad found out (I live 3 hours from home) and stayed the entire weekend, I guess I just needed to make sure everything was okay and to let my family know that I am there. When I got back to school I went in search of stories/websites of Lung Cancer Survivors and I came upon this site and quickly registered. I called my mom and told her about this site as well. She is also very scared.

I guess all I'm looking for really is support, the opportunity to hear good news and to talk to all of you to learn more. My hat goes off to all of you out there who have LC in what ever form or extent. You people are the most brave and courageous people I know of (and I don't even know any of you). But I wanted to say that all of you, along with my dad, are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. Take care of yourself and please never stop believing that you can beat this. The road may be long and dangerous, with many hills and valleys along the way, but you must always remember the road leads to brighter days.

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Adam, I know it is usual to be scared. That's from assuming the worst case scenario. Try to focus on the positive. Remember doctors misdiagnos all the time. What I especially want to point out is: Reading films is a VERY subjective business, so you can't even believe film reports. To see why I say these things (if you're up to a long read), go to "A 4 percenter who's still here" in the Inspiration forum. Let us know what his doctors think they have found. JudyB

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Hi Adam and Welcome,

I'm so sorry to hear that your father has lung cancer. It sure is scarey, I will never forget how I felt when I found out that my Mom had a "huge" tumor on her lung that had collapsed it, I feared the worst... But I am here 7 months later to tell you that it is "Survivable"... My Mom is in remission Yippeeee!!! There is a chat on Wednesday nights from 6-8 my time "Sandiego CA" Eastern that is 9-11...etc.. not sure what time where you are.. but people are in there if you need to chat on Wednesdays, or ask questions... sometimes we just act silly and have fun...I hope you will feel at home here and I will pray that you, and your family will be lead down the road to recovery.

Bless you


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Guest DaveG


Yes, indeed the numbers can be very scary. As a survivor I wanted to know all I could about lung cancer. When I started my research into it, I found, like you, the numbers and information to be far from being very positive. Like you I continued searching for the right information and positive information and support. This site is where I finally found both and I have made a home here. Many of the people here, I met on other websites, but we have migrated here because of the openess of this group.

We offer HOPE, FAITH, LOVE, and generous helpings of SUPPORT. As you scan over the differeant forums, and the subjects each addresses, you will find that Estrea and I have given much thought to these forums. We are also open to suggestions for new Forums and have reacted positively to those requests. This message board and it's forums are yours to use openly. About the only restrictions we have is with certain words, for obvious reasons. This is not Estrea's message board, nor is it my message board. This board is here to used by people with lung cancer, or having a very close relationship to lung cancer, such as yourself.

You are most welcome here. As our name, Lung Cancer Survivors for Change, implies we are about survivorship here. Be aware of the numbers, but please don't let them control your approach to lung cancer.

We look forward to your updates about your father.

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So sorry to hear of your father's lung cancer. It can get very scary reading some of the internet stuff. I know I was devastated when told of a large tumor on my right lung that was inooperable because it was near my windpipe. Several months later I am here to report that the tumor was shrunk with good chemotherapy and removed five weeks ago with part of my lung. I feel great. The pathology report is negative for cancer and I am cancer-free! Lung cancer is scary business, but wonderful physicians and prayers work great results and even miracles. God bless you and your dad. Please keep us all posted.

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