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Judy B skulking around the board


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Hi everyone,

Just FYI, Mom has been on the board briefly, just not long enough to post. She feels like she will never catch up with everyone's lives, and she does really care and miss everyone so much!!!

She should be back in full force soon!!!

She is doing great and continues to inspire me and awe me with her strength!! :wink:

so if you want to sneak a "hi Judy B" in your post, she may see it.

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Take your time about getting on and posting. Think more about recuperating. Do this and you will be far better, do otherwise and you will get a call from me. :lol::lol::lol:

Good to hear that you're checking us out, we miss you, but we can wait. :D:D:D:D:D:D

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ALL OF you just amaze me!

Katie; I CRIED so hard and so long for all your pain. I know you wanted to carry your daddy just long enough for something to develop to give him a little bit longer quality of life. Now you have to appreciated him being by your side when you need him most.

David P. What a guy! May all my physical aspirations miraculously transfer to David!

Ginny, Ginny and the DUKE, DUKE. Whenever I'm down I will always get the awesomely vivid picture of Ginny with fingers, toes and eyes crossed!

Ry. I hope to never miss that chat humor again. (Whatchout, Estelle!)

DaveG. We will ALWAYS need you!

My upcoming weeks are filled with drs appointments, scans, tests, blah, blah. So, I'll know more.

Today was 11:30 to 5pm for a PET scan!!!!!!! The morning was used up by squeezing in a new refrig. Fri our old one died the torture treatment I had been giving it for years. (Appliance: you make an ugly noise, I will kick you as hard as I can with a steel tipped work shoe)

Tomorrow, my 2 week check up with the neurosurgeon is at 2pm. I want all these holes that are peeking out of my neck GONNNNE! I'm such a ninny. I just insist that the biggest holes in my skin are pores!

I will try to keep up my normal bad typing and let everyone know all about the new adventure. (My oncologist let slip that I'll be around for a LONNNGG time. So, there! Ha HA!!!!

(Rick, if I send a new pix of me & husband will you be able to place it for me? Yeah, I Know, what does a spinal fusion have to do with creeping alzheimers? Answer to be further researched.)

Love to all. JudyB

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It sure is great seeing you back. Well, you posting just answered a question in my mind. I was sure the Judy B i remembered posting was one of herself and daughter. Now I know both of the girls posting are your daughters. I'm getting old and sometimes that alzheimers kicks in too.

Your daughters are great for keeping us informed about you. Keep up the good work.....

Am I remembering something right. Wasn't it you that had a lung or part of a lung removed and it wasn't cancerous????

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Confused! Confused! saw on another post today that Judy'sdaughter is not your daughter. Someone needs to adopt someone. I am to old to have my brain mixed up. Stephanie did I ever tell you I love your picture. Everytime I see it I smile....I bet it looks just like you....

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