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Need help


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Well I went for my follow of the Ct from last week,

and I need help in getting my fighting gloves on. Right now Im at a standstill. Report impression: Right mediastinal mass is new from prior study dated

9-4-04 and is most compatible with metastic disease. There are calcified lymph nodes in the hilar regions and a new noncalcified mass seen in mediastinum posterior to the superior vena cava. The mass measures 4.1 x 3.0 cm. Dr says he will schedule PET scan and needle biopsy if speciman cannot be obtained from needle biopsy I will have to have surgery. Lungs clear on CT, Dr says whatever type it is it appears early. Im not so sure it wasnt there this past July. Stayed home from work today cant face the world yet, Im shaking all over.

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Hey Barbara,

Sometimes you've just gotta crash out and take some time for yourself ... but don't allow those negative emotions to get the better of you. Heck, I just read the latest post in the SCLC section that some nitwit just posted -- and trust me, if you've got SCLC it's not a great read. The fact is, Barbara, the biggest battle with all of this is the battle that rages in the mind. It doesn't matter if you've got SCLC, NSCLC, Stage I, Stage IV or Stage MCXIX -- the emotional battle is nonetheless brutal. But isn't that what makes you special? I mean, you've already shown that you're a survivor ... and you'll jolly well continue to survive because that's who you are.

I send a beam of brilliant light your way. :)


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I hate to hear ANYONE needs to be here...but I also hate to hear when it runs folks through the emotional ringer.

I don't know if religion is your bag or not...but maybe someone to pray with like a pastor...pray for the strength to move forward and for healing...and regard that as your first step...

If not, is there a social worker at the hospital? Maybe they can help you get siked up for the fight?

Finally, know we are all in your corner and really send prayers and thoughts of strength to you.

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Sending prayers from under the carolina Skies tonite. Big hugs and grab your Fave blanket and throp it in the Dryer for about 15 minutes. Wrap in one warm blanket and repeat as neccesary.

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I am really sorry Barbara that you may have to deal with the disease and treatment again. I remember how disheartened I was at my second cancer. It did get better though as I focused on my treatment. Anyway, you don't have proof that it is cancer yet. Let us know what the PET scan says.

Don M

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Hi Barb,

I am so sorry that after 2 years of NED you have to go through this again. :cry: But life throws these curves and you have to like you say, put those boxing gloves on and face round one.

You can do this, as we can NEVER let this monster :evil: gets it way. You will fight again and you will win!

We are here to help you through this.

Please feel better,

Maryanne :cry:

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I am sorry you have to face this all over again when you were getting such glowing reports. Let us know how you are doing when all the facts are found. You are a survivor and you can stay a survivor for a long time to come. Keeping you in my thoughts.


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