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Waiting to exhale

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......and finally can! Just returned from the AWESOME NIH facility in Bethesda, MD. It is about 2+ hours from home. We usually go on a Monday night to begin testing bright and early on Tuesday. Then meet with my surgeon Wednesday AM and am on the way home before lunch. This time, however, I had some additional tests scheduled, so we went Sunday night to start Monday AM. Then again Tuesday AM. Today got the word.

For some reason I have somehow been fortunate enough to receive another NED report. I gotta admit, I was more than a little worried this time around. For one, today exactly 2 years ago I was being discharged from the NIH hospital after my lobectomy that took place 1/4/05. So it is now 2+ years since dx and exactly 2 since surgery. It appears that the additional aches and pains I have been experiencing and worrying about ~ my doc is attributing to my cervical stenosis. So, bless his heart, when I return early April he is having his neuro group evaluate my back to see what may be done.

I am so grateful to all of you for your thoughts and prayers, good wishes and PM's. I am so grateful for a fabulous report. Yet I suffer guilt at receiving good news when so many of my 'friends' here continue to struggle and battle and by whom I am truly humbled. Some of you may remember that I was not supposed to see flowers in the spring of '05. Well, I can't wait to see them this year ~'07! Thank you, thank you, thank you LCSC (Katie and Rick), DonnaG, mhutch.......and everyone here. What a lifeline for so many!



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