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Waiting to exhale


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This is wonderful news!!! So glad to hear you got such a glowing report. Ned is the best word I know of when it comes to this &*%# disease. I sure hope they can get rid of your pain. No matter what the cancer report says, its no fun being in pain all the time.


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No need to feel guilt at your good fortune. Even when the doctors say incurable there is hope, and you are the proof. When I was restaged to 3A, I was very scared and your story was one of the ones I latched onto as a source of hope. Your initial situation was far more serious than mine and you still beat it. That meant I could survive also. Thanks for all you have done and all the encouragement you have given and continue to give

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Yeah Kasey!!! What a wonderful way to start off this new year. I know what you mean about feeling a little guilty when receiving such great news when many friends here are struggling to defeat or contain their cancer. There seems to be little rhyme or reason to the mysteries of life.

Go celebrate!


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Whew!!! I must admit, you had me on pins & needles, this time around, too.

And I have to echo the others' sentiments ~ Don't you DARE feel guilty for your good news!! You see, I believe the inspiration you bring to so MANY has become your new "purpose/mission" in this life. You simply MUST remain NED because you have a VERY important job 'round here!! :wink:

SO, good news for Fred, Tracy & Kasey!!! The angels are looking out for your family!! 2007 is gonna be a great year ~ I can feel it! :wink:

Love ya, Kasey! Meet ya guys at the Pub? I'm buying!



P.S. I got a "stable" on my report, too! No change to lymph nodes OR nodules since PET/CT in October! We "peek" again in March. 8) I have to see an ENT for a bony tumor :? on my palate, but other than that.... BTW, what is your fav flower? Think you may have mentioned it, but...????

Hugs, Again!!!

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