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pet and ct results


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Everything is almost OK. They did find in the reports words an area of uptake in the right midabdomen laterally. They then say it might reflect physiologic uptake or prehaps inflammatory or neoplastic uptake. They also still see something in his thyroid but it has remained the same since last April and we have had an ultrasound and blood work and they have all came out fine. Every thing else is fine but we will be going to see a gastro doc next week. Our Onc does not seem concerned and he will see Gary in three months to review X Rays that will be taken prior.Forgot to add they also found a patchy white area in his left lower lung lobe but they think it is from an infection and did not light up on PET scan.His right Lung minus the upper lobe is great.


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Thanks Don, Trish and Libby

I must say that visit to the ONC today really thru Gary and myself. I really didn't know if it was good or bad.I am just so use to knowing about the Lungs but then he threw in abdomem. I am thinking what next. I was so glad that Gary's brain CT scan was ok lately he has been so forgetfull but he is also very busy at work and I do believe he has what is known as chemo brain.

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